The Halcyon Dreams Company Story

The Beginning 

Halcyon Dreams manufacturing arm has over 17 years experience producing wool quilts and underlays. An unrelated business meeting between the partners and the offer of some free woollen quilts from the factory owner is what led to the birth of Halcyon Dreams.

Our 1st Wool Quilt Experience
Having previously never really given our doona or underlay quality a fleeting thought (were males!) we were literally amazed at how these wool products seemed to keep us at the perfect temperature night after night. This resulted in no tossing and turning and an uniterrupted 8 hours sleep that had us waking up full of energy the next morning. And they were so comfortable!

Spread The Word!
We started telling family and friends how good they were, we even managed to get our hands on a few more doonas and underlays to pass on to family from our then business associate. They were very thankful and quick to sing the praises of how great their new wool products were.

Department Store Doonas
When our freebie and dicount favours ran out, some of our friends decided to go to the department store to invest in their own wool doonas. Through their feedback this is when we discovered how prohibitive the price was. Department stores were asking upwards of $400 for a high quality queen size woollen quilt and even more for an Aussie made wool underlay.

This got us thinking of a way to provide more affordable woollen quilts to Australian families. After all, doesn’t everyone deserve to have a great night’s sleep? But how were we going to do it?​

Research & Development
After thorough and extensive research and multiple meetings we established that we could provide Australian families with top of the range, 5 star hotel quality doonas and underlays at a price that makes them affordable for most Australian households. So we manufactured our quilts and underlays using only the finest products and materials - 100% pure new Australian wool expertly stitched into a luxuriously soft 400 thread count sateen casing. We welcome you to compare our wool quilts and underlays with top of the line department store quilts. The only difference you will find is the price.

How Did We Do It?
We called upon our manufacturing arms 17 year’s experience to design top of the range wool quilts and underlays – the best filling, the best fabric, the highest class of manufacture, the best design. We sell direct from the factory to your doorstep so you don’t pay inflated department store prices. We sell online only to minimise staff/store costs and overheads. We own our factory outright and we own our machinery outright. We keep other overheads to a minimum and all of these savings are passed on to our customers through our fantastic prices!