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With winter now disappearing in the rear view mirror, the team at Halcyon Dreams have come up for air. Due to high level demand, our machines have been running non-stop this winter, as have we!

New Wool Products! 

We are currently pouring our focus into the development of new wool quilts and underlays to provide a more diverse product range for our customers. These products are being manufactured and tested and are scheduled for release later this year.  

One of the main sources for our new product development is based on feedback and questions from our customers and website visitors. We encourage you to keep them coming as your feedback and input can directly lead to the development of a new wool quilt or woollen underlay! As always, these wool products will be 100% Australian made, with all production taking place at our factory in Smithfield, Sydney. Stay tuned for some exciting new product releases!

Are You Getting The Best Quality Wool Filling & Finished Product?

Unfortunately the trend of many Australian manufacturing companies relocating offshore is continuing. There is now an abundance of wool quilts and underlay products on the market that are predominantly being made in China. Companies chasing higher profit margins send the manufacturing offshore to cut their labour costs. It is important to look for the country of origin for a number of reasons which we have outlined below:

  1. The Quality of the Wool

There are many different types of wool quality. While companies manufacturing out of China will trumpet the fact that it is “Australian Wool”, the quality of this wool can be far inferior, contain unknown additives and come from an unknown or uncertified source. See images of wool quality below.


     Highest Quality                                   Inferior Quality                               Poor Quality           

  1. Unsanitary Work Conditions

Many factories in China do not have the same sanitary standards as we do in Australia. This can result in dust, dirt, droppings or other foreign materials falling onto the exposed wool and getting sewn into your product. Not good!

  1. Manufacturing Expertise & Standards

China is typically known for the manufacture of cheap products, made as fast as possible and in bulk. There is a human touch and level of expertise required for every wool quilt and underlay that is made. This can be lost when a company outsources their manufacturing offshore.

  1. Poor Quality Control

In addition to potential manufacturing problems, quality control standards in China are often non-existent. This can lead to inferior products ending up on shelves that will not stand the test of time. Conversely, at Halcyon Dreams, every single product we make is checked by our quality control team. This ensures you receive an expertly manufactured 100% Australian Made  product that has been thoroughly checked for any potential faults.

We can confidently tell you that Halcyon Dreams is an extremely proud 100% Made & Owned Australian Company that will never send our wool product manufacturing offshore. We will continue to support Australian farmers, employment, our economy and our customers.  Further to this, we are confident you will find our prices extremely competitive.

Enjoy your Spring and please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

Australian Wool Quilts & Underlays - Sales Update & Some Popular Questions Answered

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It’s been all hands on deck at the Halcyon Dreams factory. Our tireless team are working 7 days a week and our machines are running all weekend fabricating bale after bale of 100% pure Aussie wool to keep up with the demand due to our largest sale ever.

The sale is still running so if you want to get your hands on one of our top of the range, 100% Australian made, 100% pure Australian wool quilts or woollen underlays at an amazing price, you still have time.

We have been receiving many questions regarding machine washable wool and the warmth of our wool quilts and underlays so in this blog we are going to break it down for you.

Machine Washable Vs Dry Clean Only Wool

The difference between machine washable wool and dry clean only wool is quite simple. Machine washable wool is put through an additional process where the wool is pre-shrunk then coated in a light layer of resin to prevent shrinkage if you would like to wash your wool product in a domestic washing machine. This is a great option for families, especially if you have children running amok and spilling things on your bed! On the contrary, some people simply prefer to wash their doonas or underlays from time to time. If you don’t fall into the above 2 categories then we suggest you choose the dry clean option and follow the general care instructions which are to air your wool product occasionally.

What Product Should I Get? Will I Be Too Warm Or Too Cold?

Believe it or not, most questions we are receiving are people worried about being too warm with our products. Most parts of Australia have been unseasonably warm and we won’t enter into a political debate regarding climate change or global warming! We will however, attempt to answer some common questions to help you with your purchasing choices.

1000GSM Wool Underlays

Due to having one of the highest wool GSM underlays on the market, we are receiving enquiries from people concerned that our underlays may be too warm, especially in summer. Our underlays are fully reversible so you can put the wool side to the bottom in the warmer months to reduce heat. Further to this, as the underlay is under you it doesn’t store heat like a doona that doesn’t breathe would. This helps you to sleep at your optimum temperature throughout the seasons.

Wool Quilt Options

Our wool quilts come in 3 x GSM options – 350GSM, 500GSM and 700GSM. GSM stands for grams per square metre of wool. The more grams per square metre, the more wool and hence the warmer your wool quilt is. If you live in a warmer climate then the 700GSM Pure Opulence wool quilt may be too warm in summer. Most of our team located in Sydney use the 700GSM Pure Opulence Wool Quilt for the vast majority of the year. Wool is unique to other fibres in that it breathes so it doesn’t trap heat between the doona and the sheets throughout the night. Having said this, your wool doona may get too warm on hot summer nights, especially if you live in the northern areas of Australia. We recommend using a summer doona, a light blanket or simply your bed sheets for these occasions.

We hope this blog was informative and if you have any other questions please feel free to talk us via website live chat, email or call us on 1300 653 482. And as always, happy shopping! 

July Sale City! Want To Sleep Warm And Cozy This Winter? Find Out How!

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With the advent of the winter chill setting in across most parts of Australia, our wool quilts and woollen underlays are flying out the door like the proverbial hot cakes. We don’t want to pull the wool over your eyes, just your body!

We have some massive discounts on our already great prices this July, and, as always, we are selling direct from our factory to you. No middle man here, factory to your doorstep. Up to 60% off RRP, sometimes even a little more but we’ve rounded down!

While our “ready to go” product stock levels are low, we have plenty of bales of Woolmark certified, premium Aussie wool. This ensures our woollen products are zipping off the production line around the clock in order to satisfy our customers’ requirements. Our dedicated manufacturing team are putting in overtime++ to keep up with our order demand.

If you are one of the many Australian residents feeling the freeze lately, then you need to get involved! If you’re an astute shopper, we invite you to compare our product specifications with the top of the line department store wool quilts and underlays. Australian made, Australian wool, Australian owned.  Take the challenge. It’s not a deal, it’s a steal!  

We offer free and fast delivery, Australia wide, 5 year warranties and no questions asked returns if our products don’t meet your expectations. Standard delivery times are 2-5 business days depending on your location in Australia however due to overwhelming demand, delivery times may be a little longer this month. When we say a little longer we mean a few more days. Our manufacturing workers need some sleep too!

Get warm, tell your friends, sleep well. We certainly will!

The Halcyon Dreams Team. 

Wool Quilt Sale! Save Up To 25% For A Limited Time.

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Wool Quilt Sale! Save Up To 25% For A Limited Time

Be sure to get in fast as these discounts are only available until May 8th 2015 or while stocks last!

Our factory never stops manufacturing quilts, even in the middle of summer. As a result, we have excess stock in the warehouse that needs to be cleared and we are taking up to 25% off our already amazing manufacturer direct prices.

Now you can own a premium, “top of the range” Halcyon Dreams wool doona at the best price we have ever offered, just in time for winter!

There’s no need to enter any promotional codes, we have adjusted all prices of all sizes of wool quilts until we clear our excess stock. Simply place your order and the discount will automatically be factored into the price of the product.


Comparing Wool Quilts Before Making Your Purchase

This is often the biggest challenge for consumers who are in the market to buy a new doona. Which filling best suits your needs, the quality of manufacture, warranties provided, return options and comparing product specifications all factor into your buying decision. The wealth of options available  can make “comparing apples with apples” a somewhat difficult task for you, the consumer.

At Halcyon Dreams, we use only the finest quality materials, our wool quilts really are the very best money can buy and ensure the ultimate warmth and comfort for a perfect night’s sleep.

All of our wool is Woolmark Certified. Woolmark collaborates with Australian farmers to ensure that wool is grown and harvested to the very highest standards meaning your wool doona maintains the highest, most exception quality of Aussie wool fibre.

We can assure you that all product materials and specifications of our wool quilts are comparable and in many cases of higher quality to that of the very best you will find in department stores, without the hefty price tag! We invite you to compare our wool products to any of our competitors if you have any doubts. Below are some of the main points to factor into your consideration before purchasing a doona:

  • Filling Type and Quality of Filling
  • Quality and Material Casing and Stitching Finish
  • Place of Manufacture
  • Manufacturing Standards – (Beware of companies sending Australian wool to china for manufacture)
  • Warranties and/or Guarantees
  • Returns Policy
  • Shipping Costs To Your Area

As always, happy shopping!

The Halcyon Dreams Team.

Winter Is Coming!

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We’ve had an unseasonably warm May across most parts of Australia however as you are no doubt aware, at this time of year, a cold snap that spells the start of winter is potentially lurking only just around the corner. Frolicking down the beach in your swimmers one week only to be layered up in winter clothing or snuggled under your doona feeling the full force of winter the week after!  

Although we are experiencing above average temperatures during the day in Sydney and other parts of Australia this May, it’s getting noticeably cooler during the night and first thing in the morning. Most of the Halcyon Dreams team have now ditched our summer doona’s in favour of our Pure Opulence 700GSM Australian wool quilt – our thickest styled quilt. If you want to laugh at the cold when you hop under the covers this winter you will not find a thicker wool quilt on the Australian market. Get under one and sleep like a log, all night, all winter! We promise you the hardest thing will be getting out of bed in the morning.

If you don’t want to burn massive holes in your pocket with expensive heating options throw your doona over you while you relax on the couch reading a book or watching a movie. If you want “warm and fuzzy’s” about doing your thing for the environment then rugging up and keeping warm naturally is the way to go. 

Fancy a 5 star hotel bedding experience in your home this winter? Then why not get your hands on one of our Australian wool underlays to go with your wool quilt for the ultimate in warmth and comfort? If you want to achieve the sensation of what it would feel like to sleep on a warm, fluffy cloud then this quilt and underlay double delight is the closest you will get. Ok, maybe we are getting a little carried away but you get our drift!  

These woollen underlays can be reversed in summer so you have the same comfort level but the level of warmth is reduced. Our underlays have been flying out the door like crazy – mainly due to the fact that they are of an equal or higher quality in all product specifications to top-of-the-range department store brands. We sell them to you direct from our factory to your doorstep so you don’t pay exorbitant department store prices.

And did we mention free delivery from our Sydney factory? Live in Tasmania? No problem – we’ll send it for free. And anywhere else in Australia for that matter. Please feel free to contact us via our websites live chat, email or telephone if you do have any questions regarding our products. Stay warm this winter, we certainly will be.

The Halcyon Dreams Team.

Welcome To Our New Website!

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Welcome to our new website! We hope you enjoy browsing our site and getting underneath a wool doona or underlay this winter.

Be sure to become a fan of our Facebook page and we will enter you in our competition being drawn on the 15th August. Its a fantastic prize, see Facebook for details. We'll be running other competitions and free offers through Facebook so be sure to become a fan of our page so you can be in the draw to win free stuff and get access to all of our latest promotions.

We are still tinkering with final site refinements. If you experience any issues with the site when browsing or placing an order please let us know and we will be happy to assist. You can contact us via telephone, live chat on the website or enter your details into the contact form and we will get back to you in a jiffy! Sleep wool, sleep well......zzzzzzzzzz.