Winter Is Coming!

Author: Administrator   Date Posted:27 May 2014 

We’ve had an unseasonably warm May across most parts of Australia however as you are no doubt aware, at this time of year, a cold snap that spells the start of winter is potentially lurking only just around the corner. Frolicking down the beach in your swimmers one week only to be layered up in winter clothing or snuggled under your doona feeling the full force of winter the week after!  

Although we are experiencing above average temperatures during the day in Sydney and other parts of Australia this May, it’s getting noticeably cooler during the night and first thing in the morning. Most of the Halcyon Dreams team have now ditched our summer doona’s in favour of our Pure Opulence 700GSM Australian wool quilt – our thickest styled quilt. If you want to laugh at the cold when you hop under the covers this winter you will not find a thicker wool quilt on the Australian market. Get under one and sleep like a log, all night, all winter! We promise you the hardest thing will be getting out of bed in the morning.

If you don’t want to burn massive holes in your pocket with expensive heating options throw your doona over you while you relax on the couch reading a book or watching a movie. If you want “warm and fuzzy’s” about doing your thing for the environment then rugging up and keeping warm naturally is the way to go. 

Fancy a 5 star hotel bedding experience in your home this winter? Then why not get your hands on one of our Australian wool underlays to go with your wool quilt for the ultimate in warmth and comfort? If you want to achieve the sensation of what it would feel like to sleep on a warm, fluffy cloud then this quilt and underlay double delight is the closest you will get. Ok, maybe we are getting a little carried away but you get our drift!  

These woollen underlays can be reversed in summer so you have the same comfort level but the level of warmth is reduced. Our underlays have been flying out the door like crazy – mainly due to the fact that they are of an equal or higher quality in all product specifications to top-of-the-range department store brands. We sell them to you direct from our factory to your doorstep so you don’t pay exorbitant department store prices.

And did we mention free delivery from our Sydney factory? Live in Tasmania? No problem – we’ll send it for free. And anywhere else in Australia for that matter. Please feel free to contact us via our websites live chat, email or telephone if you do have any questions regarding our products. Stay warm this winter, we certainly will be.

The Halcyon Dreams Team.

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