Why don’t you stock your items in department stores?
We wanted to offer top-of-the-range, highest quality Australian wool products at significantly lower prices than comparable department store brands. We are taking the department stores on by cutting out resellers and middle men. We also cut our own overheads by selling online or over the telephone and this saving is passed on to you. 

How is a wool quilt good for both summer and winter?
Wool is a natural fibre that breathes. Wool has the ability to retain heat when needed and it absorbs or wicks moisture if you become too hot. This regulates your sleeping temperature throughout the night. Heat retaining doonas and quilts can result in interrupted sleeing patterns as the heat keeps building and accumulating under the doona throughout the night. 


What about other doonas? 
Feather and down doonas are also insulators however unlike wool they retain heat. While you may feel perfectly warm and toasty when you hop into bed, when you go into a deep sleep your body temperature naturally drops. Feather and down raise your temperature back up and can cause you to completely wake up or toss and turn.  

Are your products machine washable?
Yes. We have machine washable and dry clean only options. Simply select which wash type you would like before making your purchase. We recommend the machine wash option if theres a high chance of spillages or mishaps that require your product to be machine washed often. 


What is the difference between machine washable and dry clean only wool?       

Machine washable wool is pre-shrunk then treated with a light layer of resin to prevent further shrinkage. This allows you to safely wash in a domestic washing machine. There is no difference to look, quality or feel of the wool quilt or wool underlay. General care instructions are to air your wool product occasionally. Many families prefer the machine wash option if they have small children that are prone to spills or stains. 

Are your products good for asthma and allergy suffers?
Absolutely. The lanolin in wool acts as a dust mite repellant making it an unsuitable breeding ground for little nasties. Dust mites are one of the main triggers for asthma and allergy sufferers symptoms. Minimising their existence not only helps you get a better nights sleep, it can also assist in alleviating symptons such as sneezing, a runny nose and an itchy throat when you wake in the morning. 

What if I’m not happy with your products?
If you're not happy then we're not happy. In the unlikely event that your wool quilt or woollen underlay doesnt meet your expectations, simply return it to us for a no questions asked refund (within 30 days of purchase). If there is any issue with your delivered product, contact us and we'll happily replace it for you.

What is GSM and which GSM should I choose?
GSM is the acronymn for "grams per square metre". In wool quilt and underlay terms it is the amount of wool filling that is sewn into your product. Products with a higher GSM have a greater amount of wool filling which will provide more warmth if needed. GSM options for our wool quilts ranges from 350 -700GSM and the GSM for our woollen underlay is 1000GSM