How To Get A Great Nights Sleep With Your Partner 2

Author: Halcyon Dreams   Date Posted:23 February 2022 

Blog #2 of 3: Create a night-time good routine

It might be a romantic notion to go to bed at the same time, but it rarely works like that. Tiredness can make you cranky and crankiness leads to arguments. Avoid the negative cycle and get into a good routine.


Establish your habits

If your relationship is new, you're probably still working each other out. Talk about your sleep routines and try to agree on the common ground...and the boundaries.

Morning larks and night owls. It is unlikely that you both have exactly the same sleep schedule and neither person should try to change their circadian rhythm to match the other. If one of you is a morning lark and the other a night owl, acknowledge that…and your limits. It's silly to stay up late with your partner when you have to be up at the crack of dawn. Basically, go to bed when you are tired, not when your partner is. 

Do you read before bed? Reading before you go to sleep is a great way to slow down your mind and take the necessary break from screens. But is your good habit is inhibiting your partner’s sleep? For example, does bedside light bother your partner? If so, could you read somewhere else or purchase a book light? Or consider buying a Kindle Paperwhite, which emits LED light instead of significant blue light? Or could your partner use earplugs and an eye mask? You may have to compromise here, but this is a small sacrifice for a good night’s sleep.

Do you need to get up early? No one likes to be jolted awake by an alarm that sounds like an apocalyptic siren. Think about using a sunrise simulation alarm clock, which uses light rather than a terrifying noise from your phone. Waking up more gently to light connects with your natural circadian rhythm and eases you into the day.

If you think that you will need more than light to rouse you in the morning, consider purchasing a silent alarm like the TechTools Shake 'n' Wake or the Coolfire Super Vibrator Alarm. Both alarms are worn on the wrist and vibrate to wake the sleeper without disturbing the slumbering partner.


Sleeping positions

There's a lot of discussion about what your sleeping position says about your relationship. However, the way we sleep is often established before we enter into a relationship, so take it with a pinch of salt. But, if your preferred sleeping position is different from your partner's, this is something you should talk about.

Body contact is intimate and reassuring, but it doesn't have to be smothering. If you're resorting to the 'hug and roll', perhaps discuss that approach first before you unceremoniously spin your partner out of bed.

If you are the snuggler, but your partner isn't, consider placing a pillow in the centre of the bed. This will give your partner a buffer, and as the pillow warms up, it will give the illusion of a warm and reassuring presence for you to sleep next to. It's not quite the same, we know, but if it means you both get what you need, then you are likely to sleep better together.


Create time for snuggling

Consider scheduling a snuggle session before bed. Cuddling and talking before going to sleep can help you both to wind down. It'll also help you connect with each other and feel loved and secure. If you have a similar sleep schedule, this can be a relaxing way to end the day. But don't force it. You can do this on the sofa, if not the bed. So, consider factoring in a snuggle session before one or both retire for the night.

From us all at Halcyon Dreams "Good Night"!

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Stay tuned for more tips to help you and your partner improve your sleep life. Or visit our site for more sleep hacks.

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