Halcyon Dreams Wool Product & Company Update

Author: Halcyon Dreams   Date Posted:21 April 2020 

New Wool Products & Company Update

New Products

The team at Halcyon Dreams have been hard at work on a couple of new and very exciting products to be released later in 2020. We will be adding 2 x new wool quilts to our Australian wool quilts range. And we have a new wool underlay and wool pillow in the works for later in 2020. Of special interest is a new specialty wool quilt that we have been running through vigorous research and testing for over 1 year now. The results are in and people are loving it. Stay tuned!


Product Rebrand

Due to customer feedback we’ve received over the years, we are rebranding our existing wool quilts in an effort to simplify your online purchasing decision. Part of the rebrand will be expanding on current warmth indicators based on your location in Australia and your unique body temperature. Don’t worry, the Aussie wool quilts on the current website will not be going anywhere. They will just be receiving new names and additional information to make your online shopping experience more pleasant!


Production and Logistics Update

We are continuing to trade business as usual, taking all of the necessary precautions. Our 2 x factories in Sydney have implemented safe guidelines for our production teams. We are currently practicing social distancing, split shifting, wearing protective masks, gloves and using hand sanitiser during production. Despite high production volumes, we are still dispatching our customer orders within 1-3 working days from the date of order placement.

Ecommerce online businesses have experienced a huge upturn in orders in the last 4+ weeks and Australia Post e-parcel services are struggling to manage the increased volumes. Australia Post tracking updates have been poor with delays of 1-2 weeks occurring around the country. We are doing all that we can but please be patient for your orders – all online businesses are experiencing delays with delivery.


Halcyon Dreams On Instagram

We are excited to announce that Halcyon Dreams is officially on Instagram. As the old adage goes - better late than never! In the coming months, we will be uploading some exciting content around sleeping tips, bedroom décor, wool farms, Aussie farmers and more. We hope you can join us @halcyondreamsaustralia .

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