What is GSM for Doonas and Underlays? Unveiling the Comfort Code…

Author: Halcyon Dreams   Date Posted:5 January 2024 



Picture this: You're on the hunt for the perfect doona or underlay to elevate your sleep experience. You stumble upon the term GSM, and suddenly, it feels like you need a secret code to understand what it means for your cozy haven. Fear not! In this blog post, we'll unravel the mystery behind GSM and why it's a crucial factor in the world of quilts and underlays.


GSM Decoded:


GSM stands for Grams per Square Metre, but let's not get bogged down by technical jargon. Imagine you have a giant square meter of your favourite quilt material, and the GSM tells you how many grams of that material are packed into that space. In simpler terms, it's like measuring the thickness or density of filling of your cozy companion. For doonas, higher GSM is usually just equated to more warmth. For underlays, as you are lying on top of the underlay a higher GSM not only provides more warmth, it is also fluffier and softer which provides more comfort.  


Why Does GSM Matter?


The GSM of your quilt or underlay plays a significant role in determining its warmth, fluffiness, and overall comfort. It's the magic number that can make your bed feel like a cloud or leave you shivering on a chilly night. Here's a breakdown:


Warmth Factor:


Higher GSM equals more material packed into that square metre, resulting in a warmer quilt. Think of it like adding extra layers to your bed without too much added extra weight. A 1000GSM underlay is going to be much softer, warmer and comfier than a 400GSM underlay. On the quilt side of things, warmth is significantly increased with a higher GSM doona as there is more filling packed into each square.   


Fluffiness & Softness:


Ever dreamt of sinking into a fluffy cloud? Well, the GSM is your ticket to that dream. A higher GSM often means a plusher and softer quilt or underlay, providing you with the ultimate snuggle experience.




Different seasons call for different levels of coziness. Quilts with lower GSM are perfect for warmer months, offering a light and breathable feel. On the flip side, higher GSM quilts are your winter warriors, keeping you toasty when the temperature drops. In Australia, we have quite the varied climate. With this in mind, we recommend having at least 2 doonas to keep your sleeping at the perfect temperature across all seasons. To keep it very simple: You want a higher GSM in the cooler months and a lower GSM in the warmer months.




While a higher GSM may offer more warmth, it also means more material and, often, increased durability. It's like investing in a quilt that's not just a one-season wonder but a long-term cuddle companion. Materials used and manufacturing process are also important factors that have a major influence on the durability of your bedding.


Choosing the Right GSM for You:


Now that you're armed with GSM knowledge, how do you pick the perfect number for your sleep haven? Consider your climate, personal preferences, and the seasons. For warmer areas, opt for a lower GSM, while colder regions may benefit from a higher GSM for that extra warmth. A key point before purchasing is to make sure you are across the stores returns policy before making your purchase. Many online stores will allow free changeovers with no out of pocket expense to you. Conversely, if you purchase from a department store, most department stores do not allow an exchange or refund on opened bedding so buyer beware..     

Another great tool to help you select the right warmth for your home climate in Australia is our wool quilt warmth guide: https://www.halcyondreams.com.au/australian-wool-quilt-warmth-guide


In Conclusion:


GSM might sound like a techy term, but it's your secret weapon in creating the perfect sleep sanctuary with your bedding. Whether you're a fan of lightweight comfort or crave the cocoon of a thicker quilt, GSM lets you tailor your bedding to your exact preferences. So, go ahead, explore the world of GSM, and make your bedtime as dreamy as can be!

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