Which Size Doona Should I Buy?

Author: Halcyon Dreams   Date Posted:12 April 2022 

Your bed is arguably the most important piece of furniture in your house. It is more than just a mattress; it should be your safe harbour from the storms of the day. It should also be a warm and welcoming focal point in your bedroom

Getting your bed right begins with the essential foundations. Choosing the size of your doona is as important as choosing the size of your bed. Sleep won’t come easily if you have to fold yourself like a contortionist to fit under a small quilt or find yourself drowning in a doona that swamps the bed.


How to choose the right size to fit your bed

We’ve created a handy little chart to help you decide which quilt is the best fit for you. The figures here are based on Australian bedding.


Mattress dimensions (cm)

Doona dimensions (cm)











King Single




















Super King


















Most people purchase a doona that matches the size of their mattress. There is nothing wrong with that per se. As you can see from the dimensions above, the coordinating doona is slightly larger than the mattress which drapes over the side.

But there are more things to consider before you make the purchase:


Check the mattress depth

Not all mattresses have the same depth. In fact, they can vary by up to 12 cm, more in some cases, which is a huge difference. If you’ve got a deep Queen mattress and a Queen size doona, you might find that there isn’t enough material to drape over the sides and it may look like your doona barely fits the bed.

Measure the depth of your mattress (x2) and add it to the measurement of the width (or use the above table). This will give you a clearer understanding of the size of the quilt that you will need.

e.g.       King mattress depth = 33cm

              183 + 33 + 33 = 249cm

This would mean that a King size doona will have some material to drape, but it will still reveal the mattress underneath. Don’t forget the ‘lift’ of the doona may also make it look shorter.

Although it’s not essential for a doona to drape, it adds to the luxurious look of a cosy bed. We are visual beings who understand the world by how it appears. If your bed looks inviting, chances are you will also look forward to getting into it...and have more chance of dozing off in relative ease and comfort.


Are you sharing a bed?

This is the big question! If you share a bed with a partner and they are a known doona thief, you’ve got to factor this into the equation. Will you have more chance of staying warm with a bigger doona?

Similarly, if your lovely little ankle-biter likes to take residence part-way through the night, will there be enough quilt to cover you all? The same goes for cats and dogs who seem to end up like lumps of stone at the end of the bed, reducing space and ample cover. Is it time to upgrade your Queen size quilt to a King size quilt instead?

If you’re not sharing a bed and you get all that glorious space to yourself, well the world is your oyster! Just make sure you can remain star-shaped on the bed and not suffer from cold tootsies because your doona is too short.


Recommended doona size

Generally speaking, you should consider buying the next size up for your bed. For example, if you have a Queen bed, buy a King size doona, or if you have a King bed, buy a Super King doona.

If you have a...

Then buy a...

Single bed

Single doona

Long Single bed

Single doona

King Single bed

King Single doona*

Double bed

Queen doona

Queen bed

King doona

King bed

Super King doona

Super King bed

Super King doona

*you could try a double, but it will drape lower than your mattress


What size doona should I get for my child’s bed?

Children are small and their doonas tend to trap more heat than an adult’s quilt, so there is no reason to buy bigger for warmth. You should buy a doona according to the child’s mattress size. However, you should check the GSM to make sure that the quilt is suitable for the season as well as for your child’s particular needs.


For more advice on bedding and how to get a good night’s sleep, visit our other blogs. You’ll find invaluable information and unique tips and tricks that will have you sleeping like a baby in no time.

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