6 Reasons To Buy Australian Made Products

Author: Halcyon Dreams   Date Posted:13 May 2022 

If I were to ask you to name some Australian-made products, your mind will probably flick to a few Aussie icons. The Akubra? Driza-bone? RM Williams boots? A cheeky SA Chardy? Chewy, overcooked, bbq Roo steaks? All these products are awesome legends in their own right, except perhaps the Roo, but awesome Australian-made goods go way beyond the stereotypical stuff.

It shouldn’t surprise you to know that Australian manufacturing and Australian-owned business, more broadly, has a global reputation for high standards and excellent quality. In fact, SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) are the backbone of our country and we would be up the proverbial creek without them.

On a more serious note, our experience with Covid-19 drew our attention to the importance of SMEs to our economy and our communities. We saw the devastating impact that the pandemic had on small businesses. When they struggled, we all did. But, in a true display of mateship, we rallied and made it a point to buy from local businesses...and many survived as a result.

Although Covid seems to be the ‘gift that keeps on giving’ (sigh), it has made us realise that we took local businesses, manufacturing and distribution for granted. As a result, our spending habits have changed and nowadays we are more inclined to buy Aussie-made goods.

Gone are the days when our priority was to buy cheaply from overseas. Now, we want high quality, long-lasting, ethically produced goods made by a company we trust. Add a little bit of tension with China into the mix and it’s easy to see why our priorities have shifted.

So, in the spirit of celebrating our ‘toil with hearts and hands’, here are six great reasons why we should continue to buy Australian-made products from Australian-owned businesses:


1. Support Our Economy

When you make a purchase from an Aussie business you support the economy on many levels. Fundamentally, it directly supports the business but the ripple effect extends far beyond those four walls. A proportion of your purchase will go to their suppliers or other services, like accountants. A good chunk will end up in the pockets of their employees who will also spend it on local goods and services. And at every stage are taxes to the government to fund public facilities.

For example, say you buy avocado on toast from your local café.  The cafe sources their bread from the bakery next door and the Aussie avos from a local grocer. Your money supports the café business and its employees, but it also trickles back into the pockets of the baker, the grocer, the suppliers, and their staff.

The staff from all three businesses use their wages to make local purchases too. So, you’re not just buying a very Aussie brekkie, you are also supporting the economy and your local community. You little ripper!


       2. Get Behind Our Aussie Businesses

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) make up over half of Australia’s GDP and employ about two-thirds of the workforce.

Quite frankly, without SMEs, we’d be stuffed!

Supporting Aussie businesses is about more than just aiding the economy. It’s also about encouraging our entrepreneurial spirit, for which we are known. We’re a nation of battlers who like to give things a good go and it’s this attitude that’s the driving force behind enterprises, and one we should treasure and protect.

Local businesses are often the pillars of our community. Not only do they provide the goods and services needed in the area but they also invest in the community they serve. They often sponsor sports teams and are actively involved in improving other services. Their impact on the environment is reduced because their carbon footprint is relatively small. Plus, their passion for their products and personal customer service means you get a quality product that meets your needs.

     So, next time you pop in to see Gerry for one of his famous sourdough loaves, bring him a coffee and       thank him for being a bit of a legend!


    3. Superior quality and workmanship

Australian manufacturing has a reputation for creating superior products that are built to last. So much so, that most Aussies expect our manufacturers’ workmanship to be superior to most nations around the globe.

Our manufacturing industry is also obliged to comply with some of the world’s strictest laws and standards. So, when you buy Aussie-made and Aussie-owned, you can be assured of the quality.

Low-cost alternatives are often manufactured overseas, which may not be subject to the same strict standards as our country, and often use inferior materials. These products might look great at the start, but after a few uses, they can start to show serious signs of wear and tear, or even fall apart.

Before you make a purchase, you need to consider how long it’s going to last. A cheap item might appeal to your wallet, but it is often a false economy. As the old idiom goes, ‘buy cheap, buy twice’. Instead, focus on quality and longevity.

So, you have to ask yourself: Do you want to pay $200 for a product that will last 15+ years or $100 for a product that will last up to 5 years? It’s a no-brainer really.


  1. 4.Supporting & Creating Jobs for Aussies

Small to medium businesses employ 1-199 workers each, and they are responsible for the majority of the country’s employment. SMEs often provide opportunities for unskilled workers to find jobs, which drives down the unemployment rate. 

SMEs are also essential in the development of knowledge because each business tends to focus on a particular niche. If they want to compete with the big boys then small businesses need to innovate. This leads to a healthy and competitive market as well as growth opportunities.

So, when you buy from an Aussie business, you don’t just directly support the owner and their employees. As we mentioned before, the ripple effect is felt by their suppliers and other services too. Plus, you contribute to the competitive marketplace, which benefits all consumers, by driving down costs.

In effect, when you pay for an awesome Aussie product, you encourage innovation, you bolster the marketplace and you also keep the heart of the job market pumping. Not all heroes wear capes!


             5.Ethically sourced products and ethical practices

Australian customers are amongst some of the most demanding in the world, and rightly so. We expect high quality, ethically-sourced products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. We don’t want to worry about the impact on Kevin the Koala...or Kevin the full-time machine operator from Cronulla, for that matter! In a nutshell, we want to buy quality items with a clear conscience.

The beauty of buying an Australian-made product is that the manufacturing process can be traced back to its raw materials. Therefore, you can be sure that every step of the journey has complied with Australia’s strict regulations.

It’s not just the product that’s important here, the health and safety of the workforce are also vital. Australian businesses must comply with all legal obligations to take reasonable care of their employees.

In buying an Australian-made product, you can rest assured knowing that it has been ethically sourced and carefully made. Also, in procuring a quality item that lasts you also make a conscious decision to step away from the disposable culture and minimise your contribution to landfills. Win, win!


  1. 6.Awesome Aussie Customer Service

Australian SMEs know the importance of excellent customer service. A positive experience with a company means that customers are likely to return for more and will refer their friends.

A whopping 69% of Australians believe a company is only as good as its customer service, so expectations are high when it comes to creating a positive impression.

The benefit of buying from an Australian SME is that they know their product inside out. They know their niche market and can offer advice accordingly. They also know how it is manufactured and how it can help their customers.

But the benefits of excellent customer service don’t end there. In fact, this is just where they begin.

Although customer service is important at the start of the buying process to ensure that the right product is purchased, it’s often the after-sales experience that’s the clincher.

The best Aussie brands will offer warranties or guarantees as a promise of quality to ensure customer satisfaction. But, if there is the need to return an item, customers want to be able to contact the company directly and easily. A good experience at this point will fortify that relationship and create consumer loyalty. You know this from your own experiences, right?

When you buy from an Australian business, you buy from a brand that values your custom as well as their reputation in the marketplace, especially if it is a competitive one. After all, reputation is everything!


So, before you make your next purchase, ask yourself:

  • Do you know where it comes from?
  • Do you know who made it?
  • Do you know where the raw materials were grown, harvested or made?
  • How long will this product last?


If you can’t answer these questions, look for an Aussie manufacturer that you can talk with so you can make a more informed purchase.

If you don’t know if a business is Australian or not, look for the green and gold ‘Australian Made’ triangle. Please note that there are variations of this logo depending on raw materials and manufacturing. If you see the “Australian Made & Owned” logo, you can be confident that the product is made in Australia, by an Australian company, from products sourced within Australia.

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