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Halcyon Luxury!

I am extremely happy my new woollen underlay. It helps to regulate my body temperature as I tend to overheat quite easily. It is so comfortable and luxurious, I just love it!
Robyn D'aprile - 2017 Nov

Heaven Split Quilt

OMG - what a find. Love the warmth, how light it is and the fact that I am super cosy ( and not too hot in summer) whilst hubby is not too hot. What a fantastic product and excellent service for a very good price. Totally converted to your products.
Karen Michell - 2018 Jan

A Delight to Use

My new Halcyon Dreams premium woollen underlay is a delight to use. After purchasing a new mattress, which was a little on the firm side, I did quite a bit of research on woollen underlays and was very pleased to find a product of excellent quality at half the price of those offered in department stores. My new underlay is extremely comfortable, the 50cm wide skirt ensures a good fit, the customer service was great and the delivery time extremely swift, even though I live in WA. I highly recommend this product.
Eve Arnold - 2017 Nov

Dear Halcyon Dreams

My new 700gm doona is wonderfully blissful. The lightness, superb natural warmth it provides gives me a very cosy, blissful nights sleep. I'm as "snug as a bug under Pure Opulance". Thank you for a natural product.
Waldina Hilton - 2017 Nov