Wash Type

What is the difference between machine washable and dry clean only wool?       


Machine Washable Wool

Machine washable wool is Woolmark Certified then pre-shrunk and treated with a light layer of resin to prevent further shrinkage and/or separation of wool. This allows you to safely wash on a gentle cycle in a domestic washing machine. There is no difference to the look, quality or feel of the wool quilt or wool underlay. Machine washable wool may emit a mild resin odour when brand new. If so, simply air the product for a day and the odour will subside. 

Who is machine washable wool suitable for?

  • Families with small children that are prone to spills and stains
  • Households with pets who may choose to make the bed their own
  • People who would simply prefer to have the ability to wash their wool product at home


Dry Clean Only Wool

Dry clean only wool has been cleaned, certified by Woolmark and inserted into the product in its natural state for a completely chemical free product. Many households don't require their wool bedding products to be washed and simply follow the care instructions to air the product occasionally. If your wool product does have a spill or a stain that you would like to remove, you have the option of having it dry cleaned.

Who is dry clean only wool suitable for?

  • Asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Households that do not require their wool product to be washed in a domestic washing machine. General care instructions are to air the products occasionally
  • People who would prefer to have their wool product dry cleaned if needed
  • People who are adverse to any form of chemical treatment

*Please Note: It is important that you follow care instructions for both machine washable and dry clean wool products to maintain your 5 year product warranty and maximise the life of your product.  Care instructions can be found on your product label.

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