Very Happy Customer

Date Posted:28 August 2020 

Jan Mahoney

We are extremely happy with our dual wool doona. I am completely opposite to my husband in that I sleep very hot and he sleeps very cold. I recently discovered that our duck down doona was detrimental to my health and was causing an increase in asthma symptoms, so we had to get rid of it. Halcyon Dreams were so accommodating with delivery for us, after I contacted them with our problem being that it was winter and we were now without a doona on our bed, they were extremely helpful and assured me that one way or another they would have our new custom doona to us withing 3 working days, AND THEY DELIVERED ON THEIR PROMISE. Our new doona accommodates both of our needs with my side of the doona having less filling than my husbands side. We are both now cosy at night, and I am very happy with being allergy free with Australian Wool filling instead of feathers. Would highly recommend both the product and the company.

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